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Design Workspace


Entrepreneurship is in the air at Fashion co manufacturing space, and our space make the perfect places for this vibe to rub off on you. Join our energetic and vibrant community and find a home for your business.
Open access and affordable workspace
Perfect for fashion students/designers/entrepreneurs/startups/hobbyist or established business, looking for workspace and use of facility, without the burden of owning large equipments and overheads, this is perfect. You pay a flat daily fee and share the creative space around other creatives.


Our open access workspace concept is for those looking for space to work from as and when, with access to facilities. It is an open access space area, which means, it is open to all creatives in need of this service and they do not need to live in the area. This is especially useful for fashion graduates in need of access of facilities to start their business.
What does this include:
When you book your space for the day you have access to the pattern cutting table,pressers and Industrial machines.

(Have access to all areas but must book in advance)

People who can use our workspace:

To give your garment the professional finish. we charge daily, weekly, monthly& as you go basis.
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